Wednesday, July 27, 2016

American Beer. A Revolution In 20 Years.

American readers (why so many of you? are you insane?) must have picked up by now i'm not your average Joe from some bible belt. I kind of witnessed the renaissance of american craft beer some 20 years ago. Boy, those early beers were expensive, not that great-tasting and overall well below their european counterparts. But a few years down the line, back again in the country and holy shit, i come across the revolution at its finest hour. And as it happens in so many sectors of the american capitalism, the more, the better, but not necessarily everyone is a winner. Consumers win, but some losers will be left behind. Maybe they didn't know how to make decent beer, maybe they ran out of cash, maybe they didn't know how to market selves or the the beer they made.

American craft-micro breweries have pulled their stuff together in most magnificent fashion. The american hop production beat that of Germany this year for the first since 67. That's a helluva important datum. Many thanks to the craft beer.

Image result for american beer microbrewImage result for american beer microbrewNow, the thing that puzzles me (should say ''annoy'') are the names and themes every damn brewery applies to the beers. Instead of themes i ought to say 'livery', as in F-1 cars.

Why does every good damn beer have to have a funny-would be name or be as colorful as some Pollock painting? There are thousands and thousands of names, liveries, colors and themes out there that just confuse us. Is trying to be funny and apply some weird name to a beer the best way for  you guys to market something?

After 30 beers in 60 days i can't set apart an angry monkey from flying roof or donkey tail from wet desert. It's distracting and not catchy. 

Nevertheless the result is to admire; an industry that's become on a par (or better) with the euro counterparts, able to produce extremely good and affordable beers. Funny to observe how beer drinkers aren't smug as the wine drinkers. But they could use better or any glasses at all to drink beer. The bottle to mouth thing is getting old. 

It's not like you can't see what beer glasses look like....

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