Sunday, November 19, 2017

Top Gear (Opsss) Grand Tour, Season 2 Is Awesome

I banged a lucky strike and got an invitation for the premiere screening of the new top gear grand tour season (2). The new season starts on dec 8 on amazon video.

Given the first season wasn't so great after all, i somewhat had faith they knew what they're doing and would revamp things.

Wish granted the new season will be just as good, if not more than it used to be on BBC.
The new almost old format leaves them more on their element without having to rely on that garbage of celebrity brain crash and endless pointless conversations.

There's an appearance of 80's children hero, david hasselholff, who seems so at ease there in the mix.

SPOILER: The HASS has the slowest time of the track to date. So much for years being driven by KITT... 

James May finally got a hair cut.. about fringing time.

Here's a fun interview before the time comes. No pun. 

Do i miss BBC's old top gear? Not anymore after this screening.


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