Friday, May 6, 2016

Why Were The Beatles So Great?

So much has been said/written/sung about The Beatles. I'll spare you from the ubiquitous and unoriginal stuff (albeit, pleasant ones at many times).

As a kid i remember the very first i heard them. I felt dumbstruck. Again, i was just a kid.

The years went by and i recall to date vividly my emotions and reactions every time i bought a new record. Sgt. Pepper's was the groundbreaking moment for me. And i guess for millions of people more. I'm happy to belong to this crowd.

Well, it turns out i know jack of music. I just know what is good. I know nothing of playing instruments...but from time to time i try to learn why something is so good but i can't put my finger on. Why is THAT WINE SO freaking good? Why is Mercedes a car that stands the african desert? Why is my coffee perfect or why isn't it? What's the technology behind a montblanc pen? And so on.

Well, for you who's got some interest in learning more or at all about what makes The Beatles so special, here's a link. Enjoy! It's short, but it's worthy. In addition to all charisma and legends about them... a lot of their forever lasting success was about, music technique!

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