Sunday, October 30, 2016

Italia E Terremotos. Texto Decente

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So why do people live in ‘earthquake prone’ areas? Well they live here for many reasons. Volcanic rocks produce, over time excellent, fertile soils that are wonderful for farming. Let’s take Vesuvius as an example – this is a huge volcano, an active volcano, located on the Bay of Naples. It will probably erupt again at some point in the future. After Milan and Rome, Naples is one of Italy’s largest cities. In the event of a volcanic eruption there would be a massive ejection of gases and rock into the atmosphere. The vacuum created by the explosion would create very strong onshore winds as air rushes in to fill the void. These strong winds would prevent people leaving the area by sea. The motorway around the bay would become gridlocked within an hour with cars trying to flee. The result would be catastrophic. However people, especially Italians, love to be near family. Family connections and relationships bind individuals to a town, a village, even a street. Familiarity is reassuring it provides us with security and predictability.

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