Sunday, October 9, 2016

Very Likely Huge Changes In The Wine, Whiskey And Spirits Industry In The Near Future

Big fans of the beverages described above are to get surprised by big changes before long. Well, the makers and industries ought to be doing something about what's in store (no pun intended) right now.

BY LAW the bourbon made in the US has to pass through 100% new oak casks. That's hardly a small industry that consumes a lot of oak. 

The point is that these guys fight for the same product (oak) as the wine industry, rum, gin, and so on.

As of now the american oak output is under ''attack'' from beetles and forest fires. Both wreak havoc on forests and are completely related to our beloved and denied global warming. Canadian and american forests are being wiped as a result.

Big guys are going to try to outbid one another for oak. A nasty trend that guarantees the little dudes won't be able to buy firsthand casks unless they pay what the oak distributors are (it's happening already) to ask for it. 

Cachaca producers in Brazil that use second/third hand casks would have to either jack up prices due to much higher producing costs or let go of barrel products altogether.

Winemakers may be left with whatever they can get after the spirits industry discards (at a price) or as second option will have to produce unoaked wines. That may be a shift towards cheaper, fruitier, bigger in volume wines... the only good thing craft/small wine producers have had thus far is the chance to make robust, long cellar-esque wines.....

Don't kill yourself yet. We may be able to survive just fine...but get ready to pay more for your booze.

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