Saturday, March 30, 2013

Assunto Serio: Depressao Europeia

Incrivel como no meu [nosso??] cotidiano ha pessoas que nao percebem ou nao tem capacidade de perceber o que esta acontecendo na Europa. Desgraca total. Aqui um post do brilhante Paul Krugman sobre isso (mais um, e ninguem ouve ele, o Joseph Stiglitz...). 

Europe’s Second Depression: A Correction

Aha — in my post on Europe’s policy failure, I somehow failed to notice that the new Maddison dataset provides per capita real GDP, which means that I should use per capita GDP in looking at the current crisis. And my point about dismal performance gets even stronger:
Europe in 2013 has recovered worse from its slump than Europe in 1935. Again, great work, guys.

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